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Election Survey Services

Election Survey Services

Political Metrics Consulting Pvt Ltd is India’s leading Election Survey Agency, offering comprehensive surveys solutions to political parties, pressure groups, and individual politicians.

Voting behavior research frequently makes use of sample survey data. To better understand the factors influencing voters’ choices, we need information about particular people. These specifics frequently consist of data on voting tendencies, attitudes, beliefs, individual traits, etc. The standard practice is to choose a sample of the population and interview them because it is impractical to gather this information for every electorate member. Survey data is typically processed after it is gathered and saved in a format that enables computer-assisted data analysis. The main objectives of this data analysis are to describe and explain political opinion and electoral behavior trends.

Our team has years of experience researching and analyzing the voting patterns of various socioeconomic, caste, and religious groups. We carry out election surveys in a structured manner, taking into account all demographic factors like age, gender, locality, caste, religion, and linguistic parameters, in order to balance the homogeneity of the blocks or booths within the constituency. Our success rate in accurately predicting outcomes ranges from 80 to 85%.

Election Survey Services in India

top pre poll and election survey agency in Hyderabad India

  • Constituency Level Research ( Pre Poll, Exit Poll & Post Poll analysis)
  • Booth Level Research
  • Telephonic surveys
  • Email Surveys
  • Social Analytics & Sentimental Analysis
  • Search Engine Trends & Keywords analysis of Emerging political issues and politicians
  • Reputation analysis of the Politicians
  • The competitive profiling of the Candidates & Aspirants
  • Social Media Intelligence & Bigdata Insights understanding people’s mood & responsiveness to various socio-political developments





Political Party Registration Services

You are not limited by any barriers.Start your own political party today. Revolutionize India's democracy.

Political Strategy & Management

A complete package for a party/candidate. Political Metrics handles everything from creating an identity to securing victory at the polls.

Election Campaign Management

If winning elections matters, Political Metrics is your sure shot destination. From strategic planning to vote mobilization, we take care of it all.

Analytics & Political Intelligence

Digital Analytics plays an important role in understanding public opinions. Political Intelligence can play a major role in re-engineering Content & Communication Strategy.

Digital Media Management

Levarage Data-driven hybrid digital marketing. Connect to voters & Engage with them. Deliver niche content & personalized ads through microtargeting.

Elections Surveys (Pre Poll, Exit poll & Post Poll)

We provide voting trends & election-related surveys like a pre-poll, exit poll, and post-poll analyzing precise voter sentiment.

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Political Metrics is a India’s leading political strategy consulting firm specialises in Political PR, Surveys (pre,exit & post poll), Election Campaign Management, Political Party Registration, Political Advisory, Campaign War Room, Political Intelligence, Analytics, Digital & Social Media Management.

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