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War Room

Election War Room


Several decades ago, election discourse took the form of print editorials, radio discussions, and television debates. Since the advent of digital media, social networking sites, and smart phones, Indian election campaign management has been transformed by real-time strategic messages, trending hashtags, viral videos, and niche targeting methods such as location-based advertising.

Political parties or senior politicians must maintain a war room where they can monitor campaigns hour by hour in order to understand the dynamic political spectrum, trending hashtags, developing responses to hastags, narrative-based campaigns, and making videos viral in real time.

Political Metrics is adept at setting up a real-time war room in which we can monitor all campaign activities and functionary  sub-sects such as public relations, social media, booth management, SMS campaigns, electronic advertisements, digital media paid campaigns, day-to-day surveys, and other real-time data analytics


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Election War Room Management  in India 

  • Elections Surveys (Pre Poll, Exit poll & Post Poll)
  • Political Strategy & Management
  • Analytics & Political Intelligence
  • Election Campaign Management
  • Political Advisory Services
  • Digital Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Press & Media Management
  • Political Analysis & Reporting
  • Big data & Demographics Reporting 





Political Party Registration Services

You are not limited by any barriers.Start your own political party today. Revolutionize India's democracy.

Political Strategy & Management

A complete package for a party/candidate. Political Metrics handles everything from creating an identity to securing victory at the polls.

Election Campaign Management

If winning elections matters, Political Metrics is your sure shot destination. From strategic planning to vote mobilization, we take care of it all.

Analytics & Political Intelligence

Digital Analytics plays an important role in understanding public opinions. Political Intelligence can play a major role in re-engineering Content & Communication Strategy.

Digital Media Management

Levarage Data-driven hybrid digital marketing. Connect to voters & Engage with them. Deliver niche content & personalized ads through microtargeting.

Elections Surveys (Pre Poll, Exit poll & Post Poll)

We provide voting trends & election-related surveys like a pre-poll, exit poll, and post-poll analyzing precise voter sentiment.

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