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TRS raising 1 lakh social media warriors to improve public image

The TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) is organizing a large army of young ‘social media warriors’ to fight against its political opponents – the Congress, the BJP, and the BSP – and to publicize the developmental initiatives and welfare schemes of the state government.

About one lakh social media warriors are in the making from booth and village levels across the Telangana state. They would become a strong political force, in addition to the campaign by the party leaders across the state.

It looks like the TRS leadership wants to depend less on the Telugu news channels, as they are hurting the TRS party interests in recent times.

As of now, training was given to social media warriors in Chennur and Boath assembly constituencies in the combined Adilabad district.

These warriors are going to use various social media platforms to push the TRS causes forward. They would create a feel-good image for image for the party across the people of Telangana.

The TRS is constituting social media warrior committees from booth to state levels.

Right now, assembly constituency level meetings are taking place under the local MLA leadership and training will be given to those who can function as TRS social media warriors who would mainly highlight the good deeds of the state government and undercut the campaigns against the TRS and its government.