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BJP nominates Laxman for Rajya Sabha

Dr. K. Laxman, a senior BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader from Telangana state, and a former party MLA was nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the party on Monday.

The BJP party announced that Dr. Laxman will be its nominated candidate from Uttar Pradesh state.

Dr. Laxman is the BJP’s OBC Morcha national president, and also previously was the BJP state president of Telangana. His name was announced along with that of Mothilesh Kumar, who is also from UP. The party had previously announced six other candidates from the state where it can send eight to the Upper house.

Dr. Laxman has held various positions in the BJP in addition to representing the Musheerabd constituency in the state Legislative Assembly twice, winning the first time in 1999, and the second time in the 2014 state elections, serving as the deputy floor leader of the BJP in the Assembly the first time, and as the floor leader during the period 2014-16.

After having served as state general secretary of the party in the unified AP, twice between 2002 and 2010, Dr. Laxman served the BJP as its national secretary, and later on as the BJP party’s OBC Morcha national president in 2020, which is the position he holds currently in the party.